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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Useless Pedantry Department Looks Forward To Another Busy Season

Our omission of the “c” in John Hinckley’s name on a cover last year is going to haunt me to my grave. However, that only increases the schadenfreude I derive today from the ODE’s description of the Fresno State Bulldogs – in big letters, above the fold – as “perrenial underdogs”.

  1. Timothy says:

    Hell yes whoa.

  2. bryan says:

    Did somebody say Halloween riot?

  3. Timothy says:

    I’ll be there briefly at the end of October for my gal’s birthday.

  4. bryan says:

    Bill and Tim, when we mail you your respective copies of the new OC, I’ll slip a copy of the in-question Emerald into the folder for you both.

    Good luck collecting on the pint at Max’s, though, unless you’re planning to visit Eugene. Which would be rad-tastic.

  5. WWB says:

    Hey, I never said anything positive about flyover country. You’re on your own there, pal.

  6. Timothy says:

    Not to mention their Southwestern readership! Damn you coastal people and your coast-centrism!

  7. WWB says:

    No fair! This is blatant discrimination against your East Coast readership. It’s that ugly West Coast Bias sneaking up again. Just despicable.

  8. bryan says:

    Apparently it isn’t up online… but there is at least one hard copy remaining in the OC office.

  9. Danimal says:

    I would find the other typo if only provided with a link.

  10. Danimal says:

    Well. At least it wasn’t “perineal underdogs.” ‘Cause that would be downright nutty.

  11. bryan says:

    There actually appear to be, not one, but two egregious typos in that headline. First person to post a comment identifying the second typo wins a pint of Pabst at Max’s.

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