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Rain, Rain, Here to Stay

Oh what fun day this has been. So I come into work late today only to find that the basement where we keep a lot of older equipment and files has been flooded (nasty cameraphone pic.) I work in ancient Susan Campbell Hall, so the flooding is a pretty regular occurance. While it isn’t as bad as last time (when our offices were located in the basement and the flooding amounted to a few inches of standing water,) it’s still a pretty big pain due to the constant seepage and damage to any books/files/computers that happened to be on the ground. You’d think they’d have figured out how to contain the water by now, particularly since this is Eugene and it isn’t like the rain suddenly performed a goddamn Pearl Harbor on us.

Of course, a number of other buildings on campus have had significant flooding. I’ve heard that Allen, Friendly, and even Lillis have had flooding. Perhaps most distressingly for the dorm rats, the ODE reports that work crews have had to sandbag Barnhart in order to protect the precious dining hall. What’s worse is that the rain is set to continue.

  1. We had a swimming contest out in front of Hamilton Complex…it was that bad.

    Actually, we didn’t, but the rain was bad enough for that.

    BTW, here are the buildings that were hit hard: Allen, Friendly, Condon, Susan Campbell, Pacific, Lillis, Agate.

    Fllood waters were found outside: Walton, Hamilton, Millrace.

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