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Son of Democratic Consultant to Sue NBA Player

If you’ve watched any ESPN during the past 18 hours than you’ve surely seen clips of the Knicks’ Antonio Davis going up into the stands in the middle of a game. Davis, who acted in a calm and reasonable manner, claims that he saw his wife pushed by a nearby fan named Michael Axelrod. In my mind it’s absolutely ridiculous that a suspension is being considered – this guy did what any concerned spouse would have done if they saw their loved one being harrassed.

Of course, the real outrage isn’t the possibility of Davis being suspended or fined. It’s this:

But Axelrod said Kendra Davis tried to scratch him after he after protested a call. Axelrod said he never laid a hand on Davis’ wife and said he was not drunk.

Axelrod’s father, David, is a prominent Democratic political consultant in Chicago who has worked with Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley.

“When I go to games, I cheer as hard as I can for the Bulls, and I boo as hard as I can for whoever they’re playing,” Michael Axelrod said. “I don’t feel comfortable if players are allowed to easily jump into the crowd whenever they feel like it’s necessary.”

Axelrod’s attorney, Jay Paul Deratany, said he planned to sue Davis and his wife for more than $1 million. Deratany said he was writing the papers Thursday for a battery suit against Kendra Davis and a slander case against Antonio Davis, and planned to file them Friday.

Even if Axelrod’s account is 100% accurate, suing Davis for more than $1 million shows that he is completely unreasonable and only looking to profit off of the situation. Plus- do you think Kendra Davis has never heard hecklers before? Does Axelrod expect us to believe that she flipped out and assaulted him upon simply hearing someone protest a call? Improbable.

  1. C-Dogg says:

    Couple of things.

    First of all the fan dropped the lawsuit recently, too bad.

    Secondly from all video and eyewitness accounts, Axlerod was not cursing or being overly antagonistic when Kendra got up out of her seat and “assualted” him. She actually went after another fan as well during this time.

    Third, yes – this loudmouth bimbo Kendra does have a history of incidents like this. Latrell Spreewell once got caught by the cameras with an audible “suck my d***” to her while grabbing his crotch, being the most notable.

    Finally, it’s one thing to pop a 6′, 200lb Gary Sheffield in the mouth while in Boston. It’s a whole different game to pop a 6’9″, 260lb monster as he runs to the “aid” of his wife in Chicago. Add this to the fact that Davis was actually popular with the Chicago Bulls fans as he played there and didn’t want to leave as part of the Eddy Curry trade.

    But I agree with Nathanial. The suspension should have been a minimum of 10 games. Just because Davis has a loud mouth wife who likes to start crap with the opposing teams fans doesn’t excuse the fact that he made a mistake when he choose to marry the loud mout… I mean, go into the stands.

  2. Nathaniel says:

    While suing is ridiculous so was Davis’s actions. He claimed that he saw his wife being pushed, etc, yet as you watch him go into the stands he sort of jogs over there. If I really thought by wife was in danger I would have sprinted up there. He had all the time he needed to go get security. Furthermore in my experience at indoor sporting events security is pretty quick to get to scenes of confrontations especially in the good seats where there are tons of security around to keep people from sneaking in.

    Personally I think he should have gotten more then a 5 games. I am frankly shocked some drunk didn’t take a swing at him on his way. Only bad things can happen if you go into the stands. If he would have saw his wife getting hit, I might have more sympathy from him, but from his not too urgent reaction I am going to say that is not what he saw.

  3. Casey says:

    Kendra Davis actually does have a history of getting into it with opposing teams fans. Suing for a mil is still fishy though.

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