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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

The Saga Continues…

More Insurgent in the press today:

The Register-Guard prints an opinion piece giving some praise to the Frohn for his handling of the situation thus far. I guess the choice quote is:

During the Muslim riots, critics never missed an opportunity to point out that such violence was virtually unthinkable in the Christian world, given Western traditions of religious pluralism and freedom of expression.

But the Muslim hysteria was designed to produce the same result as the pressure being applied to Frohnmayer by angry Christians: complete suppression of the offensive speech.

The Sunday Oregonian also printed a commentary about the Insurgent affair that has some decent background and mentions some of our contribution to the whole affair. Sadly, author Steve Duin doesn’t add much to the debate.

  1. Josh M. says:

    Sorry, Ol’ Dirty, but I don’t remember any children being killed in the Jethro Higgins crossfire on this one.

  2. Olly says:

    Frohnmayer is clearly appalled by The Insurgent’s tasteless shenanigans, but he also understands that The Insurgent’s shoddy wares aren’t selling in the UO’s marketplace of ideas. Protecting that marketplace from the myriad forces that seek to limit its inventory is one of a university president’s most important jobs.

    Good stuff there (I’m a sucker for a marketplace metaphor) and surprisingly feisty for the generally risk-averse R-G. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not they stick to this principle in the future, when a group other than Christians gets all exercised about something. I must confess that I have my doubts.

    Oh, and the bit Michael quoted seems to make a fairly elementary mistake in confusing speech with conduct. Christians haven’t been setting shit on fire in Eugene, have they? (Based on some of the comments we’ve been getting, I’m actually half-serious here.)

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