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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Leading By Example

[Via Hit & Run] The Daily Illini’s editors have decided that they’re just not competent enough to run editorials.

It is the standard of most respectable professional and college newspapers to run editorials regularly and frequently in its opinions pages. But such standards presuppose a definite utility for fulfilling the newspapers’ mission: providing fair, truthful, balanced, important, interesting and necessary information to the community they serve. Our editorials do not meet this goal and to continue publishing the editorials the way they have been would be a disservice to our readers.

Kudos to the Daily Illini’s editors for realizing their own shortcomings and quitting before embarassing themselves further. If only some other college paper had that sort of honest self-assessment, then they’d be able to give more space to the true geniuses among them.

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