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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator


It’s that time again folks… the evenings get cooler, leaves change, bar revenue increases dramatically, and that new Commentator smell hovers on the breeze. Yes, it’s time for another epic Back To The Booze issue.

Brimming with great content like a perfectly pulled Guinness, this issue can not fail to entertain and enlighten. There’s a comprehensive survival guide to your time at the University of Oregon, with advice on everything from how to pick a major, to the legalities behind throwing a rager to becoming a bottom-shelf booze aficionado. As always theere is also a guide to Eugene’s best (and worst) bars. Also, Dolberg fills you in on a little thing we like to call Libertarianism. Plus breaking news on the new War On Douchebags.

Like last issue, we offer our loyal blog followers the first taste of the sweetness… and the first chance to whine about it. Look for the issue in boxes this friday, or just pick one up at the Back To The Booze Release Party this friday evening. Email for directions and legal waivers.

As always, please enjoy the Commentator responsibly.

  1. ApathyPersonified says:

    Excellent coverage. You’ll have ample opportunities to bash certain morons on campus when they open their mouths. I’m waiting for a few “choice” members to screw up.

  2. T says:

    I don’t think anyone can beat Ian’s release date, though: The same day as Back to the Books.

  3. T says:

    Looking good, fools. I don’t remember that picture, by the way. Also, what’s funny about those pics of people “on staff” is that only one of them is still on staff (Dustin). But what the fuck … these people were on staff at one time, even if only two of them wrote anything (Me, Bryan).

    Further, I’m pretty sure you have more contributors.

    Things I laughed at: Andy’s “tombstone”. It’s funny because it’s true.
    Eric’s alcohol piece. That’s classic OC shit there (though he starts both pieces in essentially the same way). I also drank a lot of that alcohol when I was staying with Eric and Andy, so I feel truly connected to the Baron.

    Spew (perfect layout this time around). However, it looks like ALL of your quotes came from the ODE. Tsk tsk. Hasn’t the Voice released an issue yet?

    Anyway, good issue.

  4. Timothy says:

    Out on the second day of class, I am impressed, sir. I am impressed.

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