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Where Are the Negative Ads?

Anyone who’s been watching television in Oregon recently has probably seen some of the many negative campaign ads being aired. What’s strange, however, is that neither Ted Kulongoski nor Vicki Walker have posted negative ads on their websites. For instance, there’s no sign Kulongoski’s ‘Leadership’ ad in the Ted TV section of his website, despite the fact that it’s been on TV constantly over the past week or two. The same applies to Walker, whose ad linking Torrey to President Bush is nowhere to be found on her campaign website. The targeted Republicans are less shy in making their attack ads available. Torrey’s website proudly displays anti-Walker ads, and Saxton has made Kulongoski’s record as Governor the primary focus of his campaign.

Interestingly, congressman and garden gnome stand-in Peter DeFazio breaks with his fellow incumbent Democrats and actually makes anti-Feldkamp available on his website. And Feldkamp, of course, has made the “DeFazio Bobble Head” the subject of two of his three ads, all of which are available online.

And no Commentator post on this subject would be complete without the obligatory link to Reason’s excellent piece on why Attack Ads Are Good for You, in which David Mark provides an argument as to why every candidate should feature their attack ads front-and-center.

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