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ASUO Senate Has Blessedly Short Meeting

Five weeks into the term, and the Student Senate has finally passed its first bill of the year. Championed by Senate President Hamilton and Vice President Rosenberg, Senate Bill 1 instituted an indexing system for Senate business, allowing easy referencing and access to Senate business. Senator Hamilton introduced the bill, saying that to her knowledge, the ASUO was one of the only University student governments in the country without such a system. The measure includes the addition of a Director of Information position, with the responsibility for filing the index, and making it available over the internet. Curiously, Senators Hamilton and Rosenberg will not be funding the new position through the PFC, but will rather pay the new Director of Information out of their own stipends. Although this is an admirable gesture of fiscal responsibility, and commitment to much-needed organization, there were a few glitches in the explanation of how this feature would work. “It’s like paying my housekeeper $25 an hour to type my schoolwork” explained Hamilton, “Wait, I guess that’s a bad example.” On Hamilton’s assurance of its legality the bill passed by a wide margin, although nominations for the position are still a week off.

In other news, Senator Guzman mentioned that 45 representatives of the UO would be attending the upcoming Northwest Student Leadership Conference. Oh yeah, and they will all be doing so on the incidental fee’s dime. 45 people… boy, we are going to have leadership just coming out of our ears, won’t we? Apparently we need it, because Senator Hamilton had to chide her colleagues into actually meeting once a week as committees. A number of committees have outstanding business, including the new surplus spending rules which are languishing in the rules committee.

The best news from yesterdays meeting was how short it was. This won’t last, as budget season is about to shift into full swing, ensuring several hours of restful slumber for this reporter, and a good half of the Senate in the upcoming Wednesdays. Speaking of the snoozing Senate, the undeclared seat (11) is still open, so I encourage anyone who wants to wake the senate up a little, but still doesn’t have a clue about their academic path to apply for it. God knows they need the help. (Disclaimer: The Surgeon General does not recommend ASUO Senate service for: people with heart conditions or high blood pressure, women who are pregnant, or people with faith in democracy, as exposure to the elevated excitement levels may cause serious health problems, and/or complete disillusionment.)

  1. Jacque says:

    All I have to say is I wish I could pay someone $25 to do MY homework…good move though Senator Hamilton.

  2. T says:

    They misspell the name in the movie: Neidermeyer.

  3. niedermeyer says:

    dude, that was just a movie… and I think he spelled it a little differently. Oh, and I’m not in the ROTC, so take your frat-house shenanigans elsewhere Blutarski.

  4. T says:

    Nah, fragged in ‘Nam, dude.

  5. curious student says:

    Niedermeyer? Niedermeyer! Are you from Animal House?

  6. Timothy says:

    The senate did pass a bill before the OC published issue 2. Progress!

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