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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Don’t Drink The Kool Aid

After locking staff into the office at 319 EMU for the weekend, we finally have a brand spanking new issue. Don’t Drink The Kool Aid pays homage to the recent growth of fiscal responsibility in the ASUO with the first Black and White issue of the year. In it, we break down all the myths and madness surrounding the current benchmark debates, and go line by line through the budget to help the PFC make it in under their 2.5% benchmark. For everyone who finds the ASUO immature and amateurish (in other words, everyone), we have an interview with Bill Harbaugh, about his alternate diversity plan and his ethical complaints against Dave Frohnmayer. Oh yeah, and we prove that Dave Frohnmayer lied through his well-preserved teeth in the Daily Emerald. Plus, Leeper tries to get DPS Director Tom Hicks to comment on the recent tasing at UCLA, the return of Not Worthy, and all the usual madness.

As always, please enjoy the Commentator responsibly.

  1. Jacque says:

    Ted… always trying to coerce some poor unsuspecting soul to write for your conservative piece of… just kidding! big ups on the issue… I liked it, don’t tell anyone though, ok?

  2. Niedermeyer says:

    Thanks, fan. There are myriad opportunities to scoop the Emerald, some of which we have to forgoe due to our limited staff… if you are following campus news, and you want to help us out, please drop us an email and help us get all the facts out.

  3. Fan says:

    Good issue OC. Better coverage of the issues on campus in this one issue than in the past month of ODE.

  4. Timothy says:

    Leeper: You have much to learn, young padawan. Getting drunk and working on the issue should not be mutually exclusive.

  5. Leeper says:

    Ted, as predicted, I got drunk last weekend instead of working on the issue. You pulled it together, and it looks good.

  6. A Student says:

    I think you have to go to Senate to get the “Escort Services” line-item released before you could get the purchase order…

  7. Timothy says:

    You are my hero for figuring that out, we used to have to pay cash.

  8. Niedermeyer says:

    that’s funny, cuz Sunday night when we birthed the thing, there were two girls for every guy in the ‘ol OC office… incidentally, did you know that escort services are happy to accept ASUO purchase orders?

  9. Timothy says:

    Your mom reeks of male privilege.

  10. Jonah says:

    This new issue completely reeks of male privilege.

  11. Niedermeyer says:

    Our photoshop facilitator on this issue was a six-pack of Moose Drool… I think the results speak for themselves.

  12. Timothy says:

    No, my copy editor was a svelte blonde who was never around. I’d never foul my pallet with Keystone.

  13. Niedermeyer says:

    Well, when you’re copy editor is a case of Keystone Ice…

  14. Timothy says:

    You know, in my day….there was usually a lot of shit to fix. I was drunk. A lot. I blame the copy editor.

  15. Niedermeyer says:

    sure… email a list of stuff, I’m sure there is plenty to fix.

  16. Andy says:

    Masthead – Can we have the date and issue number?

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