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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

One More Time …

In this post 4-18-07 world, it is good to see that the Emerald still prints the “institutionally racist” words of Tyler Graf, who has brought some comon sense to the editorial page of the Emerald. As he accurately points out, it is not that the diverse body of the Student Senate is racist or incsensitive, but instead are lacking the maturity to properly fulfill their duties as student politicians.

On another note, I personally have to thank people like Tyler and Ted who have had the courage to stand up in the name of common sense throughout this situation. Because it touches on many sensitive topics of discussion, it is not easy to make your point before the claim of “racist” or “hetero sexist” or any other “ist” or “ism” is slapped down on you. Both have managed to create an intelligent dialogue, of which people on all sides of this issue have come to respect. It is not always easy to stand up and speak in such a heated political climate where the fight is very personal, but both have done the OC proud in standing for maturity, personal responsibility, and criticism of all forms of government, no matter how disfunctional or inane.

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