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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Are you down with old school?

The Oregon Commentator goes newsprint. (Just for one issue.)

Twenty-four year ago today, the first issue of the Oregon Commentator was released. As the current staff swaggers into the OC’s 25th year of existence, we present a re-creation of its original issue; from the original “Radical moderation” to the updated “Radical immoderation.”

For those who don’t care what we have to say and just want to see the pretty pictures we put into our magazines, do not fret. The Man Issue will be released in print no later than Monday, November 4.

  1. SimGuy says:

    Wireless remote cameras sure are getting cheap these days. Might need to dip into the piggy bank to monitor our boxes.

  2. Timothy says:

    The box dumping is a perennial problem, I’d suggest using the mail account to distribute issues to the dorms and placing automated gun turrets on top of the boxes. Set them to detect patchouli and you’re good to go.

  3. Sean says:

    How else do you think I’ve been keeping my apartment warm?
    Ted, don’t come back, it’s cold here.

  4. Ossie says:

    Actually, I have been secretly burning 50 issues a day just to make it seem that a lot of people have been reading it. It ain’t my money.

  5. de lancie says:

    i’m sorry but i do not see the correlation between the rate at which we as a staff can produce issues and the rate at which our issues are gone from the racks.

  6. Yeah, I’m worried that the box-dumping is still going on. The issues seem to be dissapearing at a startling rate. Either we’re really popular this year or really, really unpopular.

  7. de lancie says:

    uhh no. we are just faster. not better, just faster.

  8. Vincent. says:

    Uh, you know… I’m pretty impressed with the short interval between issues this year. Years past, it seemed like it was months between issues… but maybe the interminable box-dumping just made it seem that way.

    Good show, folks.

  9. niedermeyer says:

    Bra-fucking-vo folks. Fantastic old school issue, all breathing fire and whatnot. CJ’s update of ol’ number one was great, the ASUO titty-twisting was fantastic… enjoyed the hell out of it. Now bring on the Man Issue!

  10. SimGuy says:

    Nov. 4th seems very soon, but optimism is a healthy attitude.

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