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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Paval Goberman, not your next U.S. Senator

The Commentator received an e-mail from Pavel Goberman, author of Get Energized! The release outlines his platform for his candidacy for U.S. Senate, as a democrat. His vague promises jump all over the place, but he seems to be banking on his persona as

honest, incorruptible (do not accept “contribution, donations”), with faith, integrity and highest moral principles and promise to support the Constitution and work for the People (how many politicians are saying that?). I have an education and successfully managed business, and had an award for this.

His website outlines Goberman the man, a health guru and quasi life coach – it’s like Chuck Norris, Richard Simmons and Dr. Phil somehow conceived a child. He claims to have written a request to President George W., asking to appoint him as a Counselor On Physical Fitness and Health, or Advisor to the President, “and I promised to save our nation at least $30 billion on the health care.” On his site, Goberman attacks the Livestrong Foundation, the American Cancer Association, the Oregon Health Science University and many more.

Got to give it to ole Gober, he has some tenacity. He was in The Red Tank Army and he called the Washington County Democrats “a gang of parasites, not convicted yet criminals in Democratic Party,” because they did not give him an opportunity to talk at a July 25 meeting, where Steve Novick was a featured speaker.

“Vote for me is investing in your-self, state and country.”

  1. Eva says:

    My favorite line from this guy on his website:
    “I gave myself PHD in physical education.”

    Maybe he can give himself public offices, too.

    He also has some interesting spelling issues at the bottom of this page.

  2. Ossie says:

    Funny thing, I actually was drinking when I wrote this. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ben says:

    Ossie – Stop drinking, fix your grammar, then start drinking again.

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