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Emerald to Roberts, “Pay Up”

Kudos to the Ol’ Dirty Editorial Board for taking the position that the ignorance (or theft) shown by former Con Court justice Jereme Roberts, who “forgot” to repay a stipend he was given while not a student, is unacceptable.

The Green Tape Notebook – made up of the ASUO Constitution, rules and governing documents of all ASUO bodies – states that court justices must be current students. This is the very document justices are charged with upholding. If even one member serving on the court is unaware of such a basic rule, it is a sign that something is severely wrong.

Sen. Nate Gulley was disgruntled that the Emerald printed a story last week bringing to light that Roberts had yet to pay back the money. Those polecats in the Emerald had this to say:

A common joke among reporters is that if your story makes a politician angry, you’ve done your job. It is not our job to be friends with elected officials; it is our job to tell the truth. And the truth is, it is unacceptable for this debt to go unpaid.

  1. niedermeyer says:

    It’s just too bad that media unanimity on issues like this haven’t been enough to grow any backbones on Senate in the past.

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