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Clinton Courts Boozehound Vote

So, Obama thinks poor folks are bitter, but Hillary knows they’re mostly just looking for someone to buy them a shot of mid-shelf booze. That’s why she sprang for a shot of Crown Royal at a media event relaxing evening with close friends at her neighborhood bar (in Indiana). But wait, you say, Crown Royal is Canadian whisky… there’s no “e” before the “y” or anything. While the pundits desperately analyze “the shot heard ’round the world” for implications on Clinton’s NAFTA position, we applaud Clinton for simply making booze an issue in this election. And for providing the evil spirit which is currently possessing our copy of Photoshop with some fresh meat. Cheers!

  1. Ian says:

    Anon – I’m not a Democrat. If your party wants to tear itself apart because one candidate’s hubris simply won’t allow her to admit defeat, then so be it. As for the party’s rules, you’d think that if she cared about the party she wouldn’t repeatedly attempt to subvert them (see: Florida, Michigan).

    And it’s funny how Clinton supporters always blame the media for their candidate’s problems. The media didn’t persuade her to lie about her Bosnia trip. The media didn’t force her campaign to race bait in South Carolina. The media didn’t cause her to vote for the Iraq war. The media didn’t put her on Wal-Mart’s board. The media didn’t cause her to flip-flop on NAFTA once she started campaigning. The media didn’t force her to marry and stay with a philandering liar. And so on and so forth.

    If you want a good look at how a Clinton presidency would work, just look at how well her campaign has been run over the past six months. With the lead she had going into the primaries there’s absolutely no reason why she shouldn’t have wrapped the nomination up by now.

    Olly, Tim – The final primary is in June and the convention is in August. And yes, June is late if the other party’s already decided upon their candidate and begun to coalesce around him. If Clinton somehow takes the nomination it will be at the convention and she’ll have almost no time to mend fences with the constituencies within the Democratic Party who’d feel that they’d had an election stolen from them. At that point, Democrats would have spent inordinate amounts of money attacking each other over the proceeding six months. They would have spent little on attacking McCain, who will have spent his entire time fundraising. But hey, at least Eugene would have gotten a say in the voting! A nice moral victory for Oregon Dems before McCain rolls them in the general.

  2. Timothy says:

    You know, it’s fucking sad that April of the election year is considered to be “late in the race” these days.

  3. anon says:

    Point taken, Niedermeyer – anyways, other stuff you write is good and all.

    And for the person who said that Hillary is destroying her party by staying in the race:

    It’s not the candidate’s obligation to DROP OUT of a race in an election, especially when it is this close, no matter how much supposed or assume or presumed damage it may possibly *unknowing* cause to the party. You’re not thinking rationally if you think it is the candidates job to drop from the ticket because the PARTY can’t get their fucking rules down straight.

    It’s the PARTY’S OBLIGATION to make sure candidates don’t go this far to the point that Howard Dean looks like a fool. This is Howard Deans and his committees fault – no one elses. They made the rules. And obviously their rules allowed for this kind of long-drawn out race to happen.

    The other point of irrationality in your comment, IAN, is that we live in a Republic which is founded on democratic elections. Are you saying then that it’s a GOOD THING that Oregon, Pennsylvania, etc, etc, don’t get a say in primary voting? If anything, Hillary staying in the race is a good thing for a democratic system because it makes MORE VOTES matter. The problem isn’t Hillary – as you erroneously assume because of the media bullshit – it’s the parties and States and their stupid ways of conducting primary elections. They conduct them in a way that may or may not give one or other side an advantage in a race while also leaving out a lot of voters in the decision making process. So, don’t blame Hillary for a fucked up system.

  4. Olly says:

    “But at least he comes across as a decent human being and isn

  5. Vincent says:

    And Grim Gnarlicon.

  6. Vincent says:

    Except me.

  7. CJ Ciaramella says:

    Anyone who honestly feels like they’re qualified to run a whole country or is at least power hungry enough to give it a shot deserves all of the mockery and derision they get.

  8. Niedermeyer says:

    Sorry for touching such a nerve there, Anon. Maybe you missed the whole Jeremiah Wright incident, which has followed Obama everywhere lately. Or his “association” with a member of the Weather Underground. In both cases, Clinton has been making plenty of political hay out of “denegrat(ing) (him) to the point of discrediting (him) as someone who has been a good public servant,” as you so melodramatically put it.

  9. Ian says:

    But she

  10. Vincent says:

    Woah, defensive much?

  11. anon says:

    But at least the blog post is original – at least you’re not ragging on her in your post.

  12. anon says:

    You know, it’s so easy to rag on Clinton in the media it’s not even funny anymore. She takes so much crap from the media with either silly photos or funny cracks of her voice or all kinds of stupid idiosyncrises people find amusing. It’s really not funny to make fun of someone to the point that it becomes a cultural phenomenon.

    Yes, she’s running for president. Yes, she’s worth millions. But she’s done nothing to deserve this crap that the internet loves to regurgitate over and over and over and over… you don’t have to vote for her, but do recognize she is someone who has done a lot of public service for this country, and running for high office does not make it okay to denegrate her to the point of discrediting her as someone who has been a good public servant. Is this really the most original thing you can come up with? I think I’ve seen this photo like thirty times in the past two days. A month ago it was the “heil” gesture photo. Three months ago it was the sleepy eyed clinton. Six months ago the national anthem on you tube. And of course the 1984 video.

    I have NEVER seen a photo, video or anything of Obama which even comes close to mocking or making fun of him. And yet we have yet another unoriginal blog post with the same old photo of Hillary doing something that has already made the internet rounds. Good for you!

    It made me laugh so much.

  13. Vincent says:

    I love how in both pictures, her face is screaming “HOLY SHIT, WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS FIRE WATER?!?!”

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