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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

OLCC allows minors into 21+ music venues

I had the pleasure of sitting through a monthly OLCC meeting this morning, and the senior citizen commissioners actually did something, well, respectable for Oregon youth and music business. After rejecting admendements to the minors posting rule in December, which allow venues that could only have 21+ shows to admit minors into shows, the board passed a revised rule change unanimously today.

All of the public testimony was in favor of the amendments, which surprised Commissioner Christine Lewandowski who noted that a MADD representative would generally be at such a hearing in opposition.

The admendment allows Oregon venues that serve alcohol to host all age shows and those that don’t serve alcohol to do so for added income, as long as they set up an approved liquor control plan. The WW’s Local Cut has a story and some video coverage here.

  1. Vincent says:

    Kudos for the OLCC for doing something right, for once.

    Also, MADD has long since abandoned whatever credibility it once had, having transformed itself from an activist organization with a specific and laudable goal (reducing drunk driving) to something resembling a neo-prohibitionist lobby group on a crusade against alcohol in general. It’s a shame anyone takes them seriously at this point.

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