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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

ASUO Flurry

Unexpectedly (or expectedly, depending on how you see it) both Senators Lauren Zavrel and Kyle McKenzie have resigned from their seats. They both stated that they were too busy and had too many commitments outside of ASUO. While Senator McKenzie had clearly lost interest in ASUO in the weeks before his resignation, Zavrel’s comes as a surprise to me. They both represented different but fairminded voices on the Senate body, and will be missed if not by everyone on Senate, at least by me.

Perhaps unrelated (or related), Senator Kevin Parks took one of my Facebook notes seriously and sent out excerpts from it on the Senate listserv with the hopes of revealing something new about me to the Senate body. Essentially, I had made a joke about running in Elections and that I wouldn’t do anything once in office if elected. Senator Parks failed to see the humor in it.

I was going to make a joke about resigning from Senate following in the footsteps of Zavrel and McKenzie. But I guess I’m not allowed to make jokes anymore, since no “actions or statements by a public official are above consideration and critique”.

  1. Jackson says:

    Does Emily have to appoint the two open positions? And by when?

  2. Al Czervik says:

    Someone was up doing to much blow through the night

  3. Gully Sucks says:

    I heard that Gulley was going to be performing tomorrow at Pacifica Forum as official Hate Monger, before he goes to the Westboro Baptist Church Gathering

  4. sense of self pity much? says:

    Zach B is rolling in his bed.

  5. sense of self pity much? says:

    minus a comma, repeating, what good is opinion, frankly I think I deserve a good Webster thrashing and a little saucy commie yarn. I mean shit what are they going to do with all those sheep back hairs?

  6. sense of self pity much? says:

    Jokes, finally humor…

  7. sense of self pity much? says:

    Mugabe is old school fellow Americans, Rhodesia runs deep. Get those tankers Mac!

  8. sense of self pity much? says:

    Never trust a mammal that chews wood all day.

  9. sense of self pity much? says:

    damn beavers…

  10. sense of self pity much? says:

    Funny I got interested when you entered with a looming joke yet to be told, yet the explaination of a joke not being well recieved as being not funny really kind of sucks. LOL for self senses, make me laugh not cry Jin. No worries as you well know there are plenty of appointments to go around, don’t be to outwardly abashing, what would Rice think? Got rice? Sri Lanka is missing it’s spice… Asou is just right…

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