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Con Court Rules

Con Court has finally ruled on the grievance filed by Matt Rose, the Rock the Yellow campaign manager. As I was explaining to a friend yesterday, however Con Court rules, it can find some logical explanation to justify, making their rulings absolutely arbitrary. Lucky for the Oregon Action Team, Con Court’s whim worked in their favor this time. If Rock the Yellow refiles, who knows?

Aside from that, Chief Justice Bogar’s concurrence is quite amusing. He manages to say that “the absence of evidence is not evidence” three times and “no evidence of impropriety has been presented” two times. Seems like somebody is really straining to meet the word count requirement. “We are constrained by law and what evidence shows” once. Too bad! It seems that Chief Justice Bogar wanted ever so badly to pin Sara Hamilton’s actions on the Oregon Action Team, but couldn’t. I guess if the glove don’t fit…He also notes that Sara Hamilton’s actions are “fishy” and “fail the smell test“. No pun intended?

I sure hope I don’t draw the ire of the court.

  1. Michelle Haley says:

    The message sent out to Kari and Jesse’s Facebook group:

    “Hello beautiful people,

    Well, the final verdict came in last night – there will not be a re-election.

    The Constitution Court ruled that since it could not be proven that the Sam and Johnny were reimbursing Sara Hamilton for her $4000 contribution, it’s was okay.

    Geez, all this time Kari and I should have been paying our donors back? Shit.

    So, it’s officially over.

    Thank you for your support and please continue to support what Kari and I work for.


  2. Frohnmayer says:

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