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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Frohnmayer to retire?

The Willamette Week and several local news sources are reporting that Dave Frohnmayer will announce his upcoming retirement tomorrow, to be effective in 14 months. He’s served for 14 years thus far as University President. Love him or hate him, that’s quite a run and just one more accomplishment for someone who has held some distinguished positions over his lifetime.

So, what’s next for the Frohn? Full, relaxed-living retirement, or perhaps something else?

  1. anonymous says:

    A in-depth investigative article showing the drastic divide in pay between Frohn and faculty that was being done for the Register Guard (bolt) and Frohn decided to send the piece to the paper shredders(by jumping on his sword) when he got wind of its contents . This allows better Frohn enhanced legacy marketing control and the bolt piece that now wont now be published and will be prevented from affecting the already shaky arena.

  2. Chris Holman says:

    I’ve never found too much to dislike about the guy; although, I do remember reading somewhere that when people got too interested in university accounting, he locked it up and made it nearly impossible to get access. That’s not too transparent.

    Isn’t the Frohn-meister’s family like the Kennedy’s of Oregon or something too? Not that one should hold that against him, but I’d be more surprised if a non-Frohn held the position for as long.

    Maybe I’m off-base with that though?

  3. Meghann says:

    My favorite thing about Frohnmayer is his vocabulary. He’ll drop the most exotic words in casual conversation like it aint no thang.

  4. daniels says:

    A lot of people have had bad things to say about President Frohnmayer, but we are lucky to have him.

    Here’s the oral argument from Employment Division v. Smith:

    Hopefully the next stop is the United States Senate.

  5. Sam D-k says:

    I will sneak you into aspac

  6. Ossie says:

    Great, the Commentator has to go another 14 months without any interview access with the Univeristy president.

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