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Chess boxing:

The match began over a chess board set up on a low table in the middle of a boxing ring.

Stripped to the waist, wearing towels around their shoulders and headphones playing the lulling sound of a moving train to drown out the baying crowd, the men played for four minutes.
Then off came their reading glasses and on went the gloves and the mouthguards.

For three minutes they beat each other and then, when the bell went, the chess board was back in the ring and they picked up the gentlemanly game where they had left off.

Sorry CJ. Rugby is cool, and all, but if chess boxing isn’t the best sport ever, I don’t know what is.

  1. wooden dummy says:

    Always good to read about boxing.

    Can I ask though – how did you get this picked up and into google news?

    Very impressive, is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

    Obviously this is a popular blog with great data so well done on your seo success..

  2. Sean says:

    Wow, that’s cool. They should make it where when you move to capture another unit, you have to duke it out with your opponent. And then the winner of the boxing match gets to keep his piece on the board.

  3. Kai Davis says:

    Chess boxing is the best spot ever. Anything with a connection to the WU is obviously the best.

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