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Holocaust Denial Literature Discovered in Knight Library

I was in the Knight Library today looking for some research material and I discovered, stuffed in between books about Hitler and the Holocaust, dozens of copies of “David Irving’s Action Report” and issues of “American Free Press“. David Irving is, of course, a notorious Holocaust denier who was brought to campus by the lovely people at the Pacifica Forum last year. The “American Free Press” is a publication descended from conspiracy-minded periodical “The Spotlight“, which has ceased publication since 2001. Both papers are associated with noted anti-Semite and David Duke associate Willis Carto.

Sadly, the addressee of the issue of the American Free Press had the forethought to tear off the address label before distributing this garbage. The only good thing about finding this crap is that the AFP issue is dated from 2006 and the “Action Report” was published in 1998. Since it seems fairly unlikely that dozens of copies of Holocaust denial literature printed on bright yellow paper stuffed in between books across an entire section in the library have been totally overlooked by library staff for the last decade, I suppose we can rest assured that Eugene’s neo-Nazi scum aren’t spending a lot of time keeping up-to-date with their own “literature”.

  1. Jimmy Marr says:

    >>>neo-Nazi scum aren

  2. Senators Club says:

    Bring back Sean Jin

  3. Sakaki says:


    A little something you need to know about library policy. If it doesn’t have a call number sticker on it, it goes into the recycle bin or the trash.

    They have no value, they are worth nothing, and when the books are finally shifted, the pamphlets without call numbers will be removed and destroyed.

  4. Vincent says:

    I’m sorry, but I’m holding a copy of both of these “publications” in my hands right now, and I can tell you flat out that they’re of absolutely no scholarly value. Stuffing the racks with “MAD Magazine” would be more useful to the pursuit of historical research.

    Let me make it clear that these little magazines are notpart of the library’s collection. Some Reinhard Heydrich-wannabe neo-Nazi trailer trash just left dozens of copies of decade-old David Irving newsletters stuffed in between books across an entire section of our library.

    Any comparison between this and a library having in its collection “historic documents on pre-revolutionary pro-slavery records or Japanese deniers of the Rape of Nanking” is fucking puerile.

  5. Shawn says:

    Why is this a problem? There are legitimate reasons for scholars to look at these publications, and not just Holocaust deniers. Libraries should not be censored over these type of documents. If that were the case, libraries shouldn’t hold any historic documents on pre-revolutionary pro-slavery records or Japanese deniers of the Rape of Nanking. These publications has to be preserved to record human history and events. It isn’t pretty but neither is human history.

  6. Sakaki says:

    Looks like the staff of the library haven’t shifted that section yet. Otherwise, it would have been cleaned out.

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