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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Senate Round-up for 1/21/09

I’ve got your weekly ASUO Senate bullet-points, but before I get to that … I will be on the campus radio station (KWVA 88.1) tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. talking about ASUO news with Sen. Nick Schultz and the wonderful Lyzi Diamond. Tune in or listen online. Moving on …

  • First, Daily Emerald reporter Alex Tomchak also has a blog post up about the meeting.
  • Dance Oregon, a student group that, uh, dances, recieved $4,118 from surplus funds to go to a dance festival. They claimed that the benefit to campus was that participants would return with more skillz to teach. In short: Everyone will get more footloose.
  • Senate approved $3,000 from surplus to fund a Latino youth conference put on by MEChA. According to the presenters, the purpose of the event is to promote “networking, recruiting and retainment of Latino high school students. There was a brief debate over whether it was appropriate to use I-Fee funds for recruiting high schoolers, especially high schoolers of a specific ethnicity, but in the end the vote came down 14-0-2.
  • The Department Finance Committee will end up roughly 10 percent over its benchmark budget because it absorbed the costs of the new campus composting program. The DFC made the decision after concluding there was no chance of the administration picking up the tab. Of course, this could have been avoided if last year’s Senate hadn’t decided to start a hugely expensive pilot program without a secure source of future funding, but I digress. In any case, campus composting has been saved … for now.
  • According to Senate President McCafferty, there will be no freshman housing crisis next year. The adminstration’s early estimates show that all freshmen will be housed on campus. “Stadium Park is very unlikely for next year,” McCafferty said. The university administration will also be tightening admission standards.
  • The Over-realized fund is now up to $1,376,000.
  • Quote of the meeting: ” … in case any of those tickle your pickle.” – Sen. Scandalios, after announcing several upcoming events.
  1. Tyler Scandalios says:

    Would I give a nickel to tickle my pickle?

    I would indeed give a dime, but it just doesn’t rhyme.

  2. Program Leader says:

    Wow, OC you did it again by failing to report how this is going to effect my free trips and food. I know that students love giving me 1000s of dollars to go to islands and tropical spots to learn about social justice. You won’t believe how bad the stupid united states (lowercased on purpose) destroyed the Honduras economy! Please, start reporting on my trips and conferences, also, please give me a warning if there are free trips that I can go on. I’m thinking New York this year (junior year, is a new York year, or so they say in my program).

    JC- thanks for being a watchdog, but please watch and make sure that money gets into my pocket!

  3. The $conomist says:

    The Oregon Commentator endorsed the Oregon Action Team because they were supposedly fiscally conservative. What a crock of sheit that turned out to be.

  4. Poops says:

    Would he give a nickel to tickle his pickle?

    I bet he would.

  5. Kai Davis says:

    Half of one hell of a bar.

  6. Ossie says:

    $1,376,000 would build one hell of a bar. Sigh.

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