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George Beres on Free Speech and Tinfoil Hats

In today’s ODE opinion page there is a guest opinion by none other than crazy ol’ George Beres. He is a former member of the Pacifica Forum and firmly believes that we’ve all been brainwashed by an insidious “shadow government.” As you might imagine, his opinions on the Israel/Palestine conflict are nothing short of comedy gold:

College campuses nationwide have become the hottest battleground over the question of freedom of speech. That once would have seemed unlikely because free expression on all issues is a basic precept of higher education […]

Nothing has been more hotly contested than the policies of the new state of Israel in Palestine. I’ve found it raises a broader question: Can this subject even be discussed? Zionists and Israel sympathizers have said no and silenced such dialogue at some schools, threatening it at the University.

I’ve seen evidence of it – personal experience that suggests a growing pervasiveness of those willing to halt speech to stop such criticism.

Ah, yes. The Zionist entity suppressing free speech. That must be why students at San Francisco State University are calling for the SFSU College Republicans to be punished after they held an anti-Hamas rally.

  1. Vincent says:

    Man, that First Amendment is really a bitch sometimes, isn’t it?

  2. James Hovland says:

    George needs to be corrected on at least one issue.

    On the Israeli side of the issue the supporters are “apologists”, on the Palestinian side they are “sympathizers”. The difference is significant, but the mistake is forgivable.

    Other than that, the point he was making about being attacked for criticizing Israel is absolutely valid, with plenty of proof on the pages of this site.

  3. Sakaki says:

    George Beres is, in my personal opinion, a waste of human space.

  4. Vincent says:


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