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Ol’ Dirty Guest Columnist: “The JOOS Control EVERYTHING!”

Imagine my surprise when I opened up today’s Daily Emerald, only to find a guest column by one George Beres, Pacifica Forum stalwart and one of Eugene’s more prolific writers of letters-to-the-editor.

For whatever reason, the Emerald saw fit to publish Beres’ latest rant, the somewhat cryptically titled “Fear of subduing conflict discussion“. Evidently unaware of the massive media attention given to protests around the world in response to Israel’s recent “Operation Cast Lead” (including coverage on this very blog and in the printed magazine of the student protest here on campus), Beres starts yammering about how Jews “Zionists” are silencing dissent:

Nothing has been more hotly contested than the policies of the new state of Israel in Palestine. I’ve found it raises a broader question: Can this subject even be discussed? Zionists and Israel sympathizers have said no and silenced such dialogue at some schools, threatening it at the University.

I’ve seen evidence of it – personal experience that suggests a growing pervasiveness of those willing to halt speech to stop such criticism. Much of it has come from the campaign designed by a writer for the New York Post, Daniel Pipes, who encourages students to create an aura of suspicion around anyone who questions Israel’s behavior.


I interviewed author John Mearsheimer on his book about Israel’s brutality in Palestine. It was at a news conference in the Portland Hilton prior to his public talk there. Not one other reporter attended. Mearsheimer told me he was not surprised, having seen Zionists influence the news media against him, as well as object to his campus appearances.

It’s a Jewish “Zionist” conspiracy, you see. And they’re in the media, orchestrating smear campaigns against their foes.

At the risk of being identified as part of the Jewish “Zionist” conspiracy, let me be the first to publically chastise the Emerald for seeing fit to publish such blatantly anti-Semitic rubbish. And let’s be clear here: what Beres is saying is anti-Semitic. Maintaining that Jews are part of shadowy conspiracies, pulling the strings behind the curtain to control the media and silence critics, and having dual allegiances are classic anti-Semitic tropes.

The Emerald, of course, has every right to publish whatever it pleases, and it’s certainly not for me or anyone else to say that the shouldn’t. One only wonders if their editorial policy would be so open-minded if it were instead a white supremecist talking about Muslims.

  1. Josh M. says:

    Laird, calling George Beres and other idiots idiots is not the same as trying to silence said idiots.

  2. Sakaki says:

    Laird, do us all a favor and stop whining. You guys have no case, you don’t have much evidence to speak of, and you’re allied with people like David Duke, which removes all of your credibility in post-haste fashion.

    I would suggest, in the words of the grumpy old character Max Goldman, that you pull your lip over your head and swallow.

  3. Vincent says:

    What about the claim that “Zionists” are engaged in a conspiracy to manipulate the media to silence critics of Israel, to which they supposedly give their highest loyalties isn’t paint-by-numbers anti-Semitic stereotyping? There’s nothing “crypto” about it.

    Get back to me about “honest debate” when Beres and his ilk stop whining when people exercise their right to free speech to criticize the notion that “Zionists” are running the media.

  4. Laird Wilcox says:

    This poorly worded rant only succeeded in supporting the proposition that it was trying to refute. It engaged in stereotyping critics of Israel as crypto-anti-semites, confused observable political strategies by pro-Israel groups with conspiracy theories by their critics and gave a perfect example of what many people encounter when they attack Israeli policies for any reason. I think it would be wiser to deal with this issue by honest debate rather than this kind of name-calling, and that applies to all points of view.

  5. Cheerio says:

    Barrys has some pretty good food!

  6. Timothy says:

    Didn’t Mr. Beres used to teach at UO? I wonder if he feels sad because he’s only the second craziest ex-prof in Eugene.

  7. ThunderLove says:

    Oy how ve suffa’d

  8. Betz says:

    It sounds like the previous commenter has an averse reaction to sarcasm. Either that, or they just got as far as the title, and got a little verklempt and couldn’t finish it.

  9. Vincent says:

    The above comment is a fine example of what one might call “willful ignorance.”

  10. James Hovland says:

    This article is a blatant attempt to redirect criticism of certain Zionists onto all of the Jewish people. Why would someone do that to all the good Jewish people out there? This is wrong, and the author of this piece of garbage should be ashamed! This is one of the biggest obstacles in addressing real antisemitism, and one of the main reasons the Jewish people feel like the world hates them. It’s not true, and the lies and deception need to stop.

    Look at the title of this trash.


  11. nike urbanism duk says:

    More Hitler videos please.

  12. Sakaki says:

    Lox and bagels go with it.

    Great, now you’ve got me hungry for some good Jewish fare. Ay gevalt.

  13. Betz says:


  14. Vincent says:

    I will refrain from making the obvious “blood libel” joke.

    PS: It’s “your”, not “you’re”, you insensitive clod!

  15. CJ Ciaramella says:

    Ha ha, gotcha, bitch!

    P.S. You’re headline is wrong. It should read “The JOOSE Controls Everything.”

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