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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Strange goings on around campus…

Well it seems that campus had that special visitor, I think his name was Rob? Lets call him LTD Shouter. He rides down 13th now and then yelling some random thing about LTD. Well good ol’ polecat CJ happened to get a word in with him. Turns out that he hates LTD because they kicked him off the bus and then banned him for life. He claimed it was because of a disability, but I have a hunch it’s because he’s nuttier then a¬†peanut¬†factory.

The LTD Shouter

CJ conducts a thrilling on-street interview
  1. nike urbanism duk says:

    Solution to campus LTD hater problem-have him serve as the next Duck mascot ! It is good to see CJ really out on the beat getting the scoop before the Emerald did on this breaking story. He ought to wear a fedora hat like Drudge.

  2. Kenny says:

    Actually, it’s not and LTD, it’s But LTD!

  3. Gsim says:

    We are actually already in the process of tracking the t-shirt info down. We’ll let you know where it is available.

  4. JMB says:

    This guy goes right past my office in Fenton Hall multiple times a week, and I’ve been waiting for someone to get the scoop on him. For the record, the random thing he yells is:

    “GO Ducks! And LTD can lick my sweaty, shaven nutsack!”

    I’d like to know where he got the T-shirt, and if it’s one-of-a-kind or if they are available for sale to the general public.

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