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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Start the Fear Mongering

Swine Flu is all the rage this week, and we just learned that it does not mean we like to pork fatties.

So far it has killed 152 people, with the only deaths being in Mexico. In the United States there have been reported cases in California, Ohio, Kansas, and New York. ┬áThe virus that normally infects pigs has began to infect humans causing The World Health Organization to raise it’s pandemic warning level from 3 to 4 meaning that we are one step away from declaring a global pandemic.

With the Virus being tested for in Santa Clara County, Oregon is starting to worry. But have no fear, the Oregon Government is on it, Lane County has been apparently prepared for years, and even our very own Health Department has started preparing for the flu.

But don’t forget it’s going to kill us all.

  1. nike urbanism duk says:

    Betz, yes it seems like they could have pieced together the image instead of terrorizing a paranoid city. That was one of the points I was getting at with my cover design idea. Welcome to the new era of the Democrat industrial-complex. Not very bright but they sure know how to make some noise. If Obama was not on the plane who was ? (Hilary maybe…and Bill…or the white house puppy…or Bono)

  2. Revolutionary thoughts says:

    Several key observations:

    1) this thing is called swine flu because it comes from goats.

    2) goats are destructive little bastards, and would eat your clothes.

    3) if the disease last long enough, it will eat all ur clothes.

    4) girls gone wild = naked

    5) swine flu = ron jeremy

  3. Betz: I actually looked up the WHO definitions of what the levels mean for diseases like Swine Flu.

    Level 5: If the disease has successfully transmitted between two countries.

    Level 6: If the disease is successfully transmitted/cogent in two different regions of the world (ie Central America to say South Africa).

    For the WHO level 6 is the final level. I imagine there’s a boss battle but no saves and no restarts. Must be a bitch to play that game.

  4. Betz says:

    The one thing that bothers me about the swine flu “pandemic” (It was reported in the news that it is now ‘Level 5’ … whatever that means) is that the majority of deaths came out of Mexico, where (lets be honest) the health care system isn’t as great as it is in the United States, and the victims of the disease were reported to have waited until they were deathly ill anyways before they sought help. As far as I am aware, there has been only 1 death in the US that is directly linked to swine flu, that being the death of a less-than-2 year old toddler. Most of the patients that have had swine flu in the US have reported only mild flu-like symptoms.

    I mean, if something like their flesh was decaying and turning purple and shredding off, which in turn the little shreds would transform into ax-wielding hob-goblins … I could understand the mass hysteria behind such a disease. The whole media blitz and public freakout reminds me of the “killer bees” disaster that was destined to wipe out the US …. I’m still waiting for those damn bees to get here, because I’m STILL out of honey!

  5. Betz says:

    Couldn’t they have just done some photoshop work to get the picture they had wanted? I mean …. here’s a digital image of a plane, here’s a digital image of some fighter jets, and here’s a backdrop of the lower Manhatten skyline with the statue of liberty in it … lets spend maybe $10,000 on a graphics designer (and even then, that would be huge) to do some photo designs for it, and spend the rest on coke.

    Just sayin’…

  6. nike urbanism duk says:

    It all links back to Al Gore and his approach to “sustainable solutions”. Without a invented “crisis” what support will the government have to deploy the nerdy public-private solutioneers ? Suggested cover for next issue: use photoshop to create a view of Air Force One accidentally toppling the Statue of Liberty during the recent 300,000 dollar photo-op.

  7. Ross Coyle says:

    I’m petitioning to change move this from “Uncategorized” to a new “Doom” category.

  8. Vincent says:

    When the Anthrax scare gripped the nation, everyone started worrying about Megadeth.

  9. nike urbanism duk says:

    When the Anthrax scare gripped the nation government labs in that field quickly got more funding. Later, it was revealed that a pissed off scientist at Fort Detrick (a government lab in Maryland) was the source of the agent. With this new threat Obama was quick to throw a “emergency” billion to the labs. I expect that the labs themselves were again the source of the problem. Lesson: If your lab is getting defunded create a problem that you can solve.

  10. Burton says:

    It’s at times like this that I like to pull out the old Flash game “Pandemic 2” and try to eradicate the world’s population. You know, understanding our common enemy and whatnot…

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