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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Sudsy Turns 46

Sudsy First Appearance

Sudsy’s first appearance, Summer 2001, Vol. 18, Issue 15

Today is the birthday of our beloved mascot, Sudsy O’Sullivan. He was brewed one drunken night at Rennie’s–concocted from the clip art of a mug of beer, the arm from Baby Herman (of Who Shot Roger Rabbit? fame) and the face of the Kool-Aid man.

A replacement for the Commentator‘s “original” mascot, Kevin Smith’s “Buddy Jesus” from Dogma, Sudsy was immediately accepted by staffers and readers alike after his incorporation. He’s gone through a lot in his lifetime, including momentarily dying one summer when trying to turn himself into a giant boilermaker for the Commentator staffers. Truly, his giving knows no bounds.

Here’s to you, Sudsy! May this year be better than the last–and with more prarie fires.


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