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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Monday Pick Me Up’s

Over at the Ol’dirty our favorite Emerald staffer, CJ Ciaramella has a great blog post on UO President Richard Lariviere’s guest commentary piece in Sunday’s Register Guard.  Lariviere’s commentary piece did not seem to make any mention of the ongoing problems he is facing with the UO’s faculty. The  Register Guard is reporting that the UO faculty are considering about starting a union.

The thought of unionizing the faculty at the UO has been up in the air since early 2007. The UO’s faculty is normally ranked at the bottom of Oregon College’s faculty pay scales, averaging about 80% of the average pay at other state schools in Oregon. Portland State University, Southern Oregon University, Western Oregon University and Eastern Oregon all have faculty unions. It’s ironic that President Lariviere’s guest commentary mentioned that Oregon was the “flagship university” in Oregon yet none of the faculty seemed to be getting paid on par with other Oregon state universities (actually one faculty member gets paid well, Frohnmayer, who will be paid $245,000 to lead a freshmen seminar).

Moving on, GAMEDAY is coming to Oregon for the USC game on Halloween night. The Riot Watch committee at the OC has moved the probability of a Halloween night riot from “maybe” to “definitely.” However, ODE thinks everything is going to be alright, in their “This Week in History” piece  it reads,

“In 1997 and 1998 when Halloween fell on the weekend, riots broke out in Eugene. In 1998, rioters town tore down street signs and set fires, and thirty rioters were arrested. This year the ASUO will provide free pizza on Halloween night, so everything should be fine.

Everything will not be fine, the ASUO’s promise of $2,000 worth of free pizza is not enough to save Eugene from impending riots. Police maybe, pizza no. I did the math and it goes: Halloween+Gameday+ USC+ Blackout at Autzen= riots. I’m suprised Robert Husseman’s article in todays ODE reads “Fan, save yourself for the weekend” and not “Fans, save yourselves this weekend.”

Start stocking up on canned foods and freshwater, this weekend is going to be one for the history books in Eugene.

  1. Vincent says:

    Well, it was kind of a “Weekend at Bernie’s” moment.

  2. Timothy says:

    I thought he died like 10 years ago….

  3. Vincent says:

    Just wait ’til Frohn sees the picture of me giving him the bunny ears! That’ll take him down a peg or three.

  4. Hey Drew, be careful what you say about Frohnmayer. He doesn’t like this sort of criticism from his professors, who knows what he will do to a mere student.

    Here’s the letter he wrote to the RG after I called him on this (at FWIW, he’s co-teaching two 25 student classes next quarter, that’s it for the year. Sweet deal. I asked him to provide an accounting of what he had actually received from the UO Foundation – never got a response, and of course the Foundation won’t say a word.

    Another bogus attack

    Professor Bill Harbaugh has gotten it wrong, once again, in his self-righteous letter to the editor of Sept. 28. Had he checked his facts, he would know that I currently receive no $50,000 annual Knight Chair stipend from the University of Oregon Foundation. Knight Chair funds are restricted for support of the university presidency. Had Harbaugh checked his facts, he would have discovered that after a short sabbatical (not as lengthy as he enjoyed last year) I return to teach a full academic load winter term, not

  5. Dane says:

    “Pizza. The great equalizer. Everybody likes pizza. Poor people like pizza, rich people like pizza. White people like pizza, black people like pizza….Do black people like pizza?”

  6. Alex Peters says:

    I too feel a storm brewing for Friday night. I just bought a bunch of film and I intend to be out documenting any Halloween mayhem that ensues. I’ll send along all of the photos that turn out.

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