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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Oops! [Update]

[Update] Phylicia Haggerty came to our office today and told us that she did not make this phone call.

Just received a phone call from some who claimed to be Phylicia Haggerty. Here’s how it went:

OC: Hello?

PH: Hi, my name is Phylicia. I just read something on your website I didn’t appreciate. Who am I talking to?

OC: Dane

PH: Alright well that e-mail was meant to be private. I didn’t send it to you, I meant for it to be between me and the [ASUO] Senate.

OC: Well it was sent to us by someone you communicated with. At that point in time, the e-mail he sent was his property.

PH: I meant for it to be private though. I don’t appreciate that.

OC: Well, I think that it really adds to the conversation about the Pacifica Forum. It’s already a part of the public domain.

PH: I’d rather it be taken down. Do you have a boss?

OC: Nope. I am the boss.

PH: Well I think it should be taken down. I never sent any of those to you.

OC: You never stated to anyone that you didn’t wish for them to be printed. Similarly, you actually did send us the second e-mail. You clicked “reply all” instead of just “reply”. You had prior knowledge of who you sent the e-mail to.

PH: I never meant for it to be published. Are you sure there’s no one else there I can talk to?

OC: Nope.

PH: So even if I come do there… where you guys at? Room 319?

OC: Yeah, I’ll be here if you want. The post will remain up though, it’s public information.

PH: So you’re not going to take it down?

OC: Nope. It says right on our masthead that we can print anything you send to us.

PH: Ok, well you’ll be hearing from me then.

OC: Ok.

I feel threatened, don’t you agree? I’m worried about my safety on campus, seeing as she knows where I am.

  1. Nicholas says:


    Fucking Derp.

  2. Dane says:

    Although I should ask, why is there 2 comments on this post:

    About 2 minutes after I got off the phone with whoever said she was “Phylicia”?

    It just seems a tad fishy.

  3. Dane says:

    You should come visit the office if you did not make that phone call, so we can meet in person and hash it out. If someone is calling our office reporting to be you, that is a serious offense.

  4. Tim! says:

    Teh Interwebz call this ‘The Barbra Streisand Effect’. I recommend that you stop digging, and instead get out of the hole you find yourself in by writing something new and cogent to buttress and defend your earlier, now inexorably public, statements.

  5. Phylicia Haggerty says:

    Wow I actually did not even call. I am speechless.

  6. C.T. Behemoth says:

    It’s only a matter of time until someone gets hurt.

  7. Danimal says:

    “PH: Alright well that e-mail was meant to be private. I didn

  8. Gsim says:

    Man, lady you learn slow.

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