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Vandalism on Campus

Today we received a disturbing e-mail from ASUO VP Getachew Kassa informing us of vandalism on campus.


It saddens me to inform you this morning with disturbing news that has
occurred on our campus. Sinjin Carey a member of the ASUO Executive
and a LGBTQA member informed me the LGBTQA office experienced
disturbing acts of vandalism and hate over the weekend. This is wrong
and will not be tolerated. The people responsible for such a hateful
act will pay for there actions. The right folks are being informed. As
more Information is collected it will be shared.


Getachew Kassa
ASUO Vice President

UPDATE: KVAL University has more information on the vandalism. It occurred sometime late Sunday night or early Monday morning. The vandalism is being reported asĀ  a 4 foot by 4 foot swasitka on the floor of the LGBTQA office.

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