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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

ASUO Slogan Contest

Drew announced in a previous blog post that we were going to hold a slogan contest for the ASUO, but I wanted to get a separate comments column going for it. In case you haven’t heard, the ASUO is in the middle of a re-branding effort, and is looking for a new slogan.

Best slogan in the comments section gets a free Sudsy t-shirt. Even if you want to apply anonymously, please be sure to type in your correct e-mail into the comment form so that we can contact you.

“Sudsy tested, President appoved.”

I’ll start it off:

“The ASUO–Bolstering the resumes of average students applying to graduate school since 1970.”

  1. G-Dawg says:

    ASUO: The live action version of Catch-22.

  2. Ossie says:

    ASUO: Maybe aristocracy is the way to go after all.

  3. Jackson says:

    Cheerio- great slogan! The first letters spell out: “Cock Sucker”

  4. Mallory says:

    ASUO: Nazis are bad. Also racism

  5. C.T. Behemoth says:

    A Self-important Unrepresentative Organization

  6. lksadhffli says:

    ASUO: the best job that Emma Kallaway will EVER get

  7. Cheerio says:

    Cesspool Of Corrupt Kids
    Screaming Useless Crap; Killing Education & Reason

  8. dr. x says:

    ASUO: we represent shit

  9. C.T. Behemoth says:

    Hop onto Apple’s bandwagon with:

    The iFee 2.ASUO: Not PC? Now there’s an App for that!

  10. Not the real CJ says:

    Shut up CJ…you imposter!!!

  11. C.T. Behemoth says:

    Front of the shirt says: “Show me your ASUO face!”

    Back of the shirt has an image of The Scream with a ‘mushroom cloud’ (aka new ASUO symbol) photoshopped into the background of the painting.

  12. CJ says:

    ASUO: The only thing we have to fear is ourselves.

    That last one by me, uh, wasn’t me, by the way.

  13. G-Dawg says:

    ASUO: Front row seat to the greatest clusterfuck shitshow on earth. Price of admission, your soul.

    ASUO: Come in happy, leave hopeless.

    ASUO: Fear, not hope.

    ASUO: Yes we can, but we sure as fuck won’t.

  14. Evan P. Thomas says:

    ASUO: Phil Knight won’t even give us money.

  15. G-Dawg says:

    ASUO: minority rights over majority rule.

  16. Lyzi says:

    My favorite so far:

    ASUO: Taxation without competent representation.

  17. ASUO guy says:

    ASUO: Because we can’t pay for trips to Hawaii, the Virgin Islands or New Orleans ourselves

    ASUO: Ass Shit University of Oranges

    ASUO: We re-registered so many students to vote!

    ASUO: Sloppy as hell since Bobby Lee

    ASUO: Who needs friends when someone will pretend to like me when I give them your money

    ASUO: Because UO was supposed to be shitty

    ASUO: If I can only reach down into this elevator shaft and grab that…errrrr….almost…..Oh god…..noooooo…..YAAAarreaaah….(splat)

  18. nike urbanism duk says:

    ASUO: your fees are spent sustainably………on some drowning polar bears

  19. NGA says:

    ASUO: Never Failing to Live Down to Your Standards

    ASUO: Spending your money $1.66 at a time

    ASUO: Thanks for the 12 million! It makes us relevant

  20. Dane says:

    Best. Comment. Thread. Ever.

    Keep it up. Drew and I are trying to figure out when to call an end to the contest. Sometime this next week!

  21. JMB says:

    ASUO : Building the Pointless Anti-Globalization Protest Agitators of Tomorrow!

  22. Not the real CJ says:

    ASUO: new year, same shit, different pile

  23. G-Dawg says:

    ASUO: because who wouldn’t want to work for OSA?

    ASUO: what’s on your agenda?

    ASUO: who wants some free football tickets?

  24. ASUO guy says:

    ASUO: Providing the useless stories that The ODEs lazy reporters have survived on for decades

  25. G-Dawg says:

    ASUO: Apathy is a right, but I really don’t care.

  26. Evan P. Thomas says:

    ASUO: Most of our Ducks are quacks.

  27. Scott says:

    Okay two more:

    The ASUO: Preparing students for the real world, politicians really are this asinine.

    THe ASUO: Changing lives for the better, ours not yours.

  28. Scott says:

    The ASUO – Making forced sodomy seem like the better choice.

  29. Evan P. Thomas says:

    ASUO: Better than raking leaves.

  30. Michael G. says:

    ASUO: “We are some cocky, smooth motherfuckers.”

    ASUO: Because “value subtracted” should have the same rights as “value added.”

    ASUO: Screwing you today for a better r

  31. NGA says:

    ASUO: We Spend Your Money Because You Deserve It

  32. JMB says:

    ASUO : We’re white privilege, but we’re sorry about it

  33. Joe says:

    ASUO: Smugness Never Felt This Good

    ASUO in 1984

  34. Anon says:

    ASUO: Nice kids doing the best they can.


  35. CJ Ciaramella says:

    The ASUO
    Cost of getting elected: $3,000-$15,000
    Cost to students: $12 million and rising
    Future job at OSA: Priceless.

    The ASUO: Where you only have to spend a few thousand dollars to mismanage millions.

    The ASUO: (wanking motion)

  36. Maxamillion says:

    This is fun.

    Your ASUO, one step below having real power, one step above you; we do what we want.

    The ASUO ability to lead, the charisma not to.

    Where did your i-fee go?

    ASUO Student Government- changing the course of your education one bureaucratic mess at a time.

    What can the ASUO Senate not do for you?

  37. Crampton says:

    The ASUO, making irrelevant racists relevant.

  38. C.T. Behemoth says:

    A-S-Shit-Show also came to mind.

  39. C.T. Behemoth says:

    I originally thought of “A-S-You-Blow”, but that is too easy.

    So, I went with the more fiscally oriented/obligation take:


  40. JMB says:

    With regards to the newest ASUO logo proposal:

    “The ASUO – nuking your student fees one program at a time”

  41. Adam says:

    mine was: “ASUO: Don’t Hate Us for Hating Hate!”

  42. Betz says:


    “The ASUO (the branch of student government – not the drinking game)”

  43. Betz says:

    I thought the original asuo icon was pretty spot on – I mean, what better way to envision student government than a big, smoldering crater devoid of intelligent life?

    How about this: “The ASUO – Home of the McDisasterFuck”

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