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Noise Complaints

On Monday, February 15 a DPS officer responded to noise complaints and approached recorder player Misha Seymour, asking him to leave campus. Over the past three weeks or so, you might have seen Seymour on 13th Avenue or around the EMU playing a variety of music on his modest instrument. However, in light of recent noise complaints, his music will be heard no more as you stroll to class.

I always see people performing around 13th and University. Some play guitars, some sing songs, some even yell at the top of their lungs, “LTD can lick my sweaty, shaven nutsack!” I always admired the lively nature of random, voluntary performers, seeing them as an valuable addition to the University setting.

Seymour could sometimes be found around the EMU building, or even near the ASUO office. I can see how this might disturb some people. He probably would have been wiser in staying on the main sidewalks for the sake of not getting harassed or complained about. However, on the day he was asked to leave campus, he was standing on the sidewalk, innocently playing his recorder about twenty feet from the corner of 13th and University. There are no classrooms in the immediate area and, therefore, no reasonable cause for any noise complaint. It really is baffeling. That area is overflowing with the voices of students on their way class.

It’s not like he’s running up and down the hallways of Lillis, blowing off-key notes as loud as he can during classes and masturbating in the bathroom stalls. Misha Seymour should be able to play his recorder on the streets.

  1. Europa says:

    Yes, dc, this is the one and the same Misha whom I’ve known since circa 1996. Same gigs then as now, it seems. Actually I didn’t mind his recorder-playing at all, kinda cool as I’d pass by, always on the other side of the street from him, because I’ve had personal quarrels with him stemming from the Nineties. Once thumb-tacked my rear bike tire at a gathering (the one harder to change to repair), then denied it when I confronted him about it. I didn’t quite catch him doing it, but circumstantial evidence was abundant. That occurred just after an argument in which he gave me one of the dirtiest long looks I’ve ever received in my life! Once phoned him, or he me. We argued. After I hanged up on him, he dialed me back in excess of 80 rings before giving up! I began counting after ten or so. Almost surreal!

    But on the positive side, he is not generally a bad guy, that I know of, and can be friendly. Being among mutual friends a bit since our big quarrel, I note that Misha does exhibit a likeable quality at times. I feel we both would rather just forget our ’90s feud. I sense that he is a sad sorta guy and I can see how liar MW would use him as a dupe for AHTF.

    Did he say he is “azionist,” or “a Zionist?” Huge difference! Never encountered the term “azionist,” i.e. not Zionist. I suspect you mean the latter. Then not surprised.

  2. dc says:

    Is “Misha” that signature-gatherer-guy, hired by the AHTF to attend the Pacifica Forum’s last Walnut room “panel discussion”?

    Interesting. If so, he’s likely the same one that showed at the Senate meeting, a week ago yesterday, too, then.

    He’d not attended PF before that Jan 8th meeting. You know, the one where “Katie” and Pira and pals had been prepped to tromple on over to help MW “stomp out hate”, after first trying to create it.

    Could be a different Misha, but the one that gathers signatures at the Library also plays the recorder at Kiva. He has claimed he is “a zionist.”

    If they can rehire “the Chuck”, they can certainly toss a z-musician’ a doggie bisquit to sit in on a Forum session– either to (perhaps) appear as a Pacificaar for the student protesters, or to pad his ability to “speak” against us at a future Senate meeting.

  3. Nekblad says:

    Actually, I just hate cops.

  4. Cinnamon Toast Crunch says:

    Cims G your comment makes me feel unsafe.

  5. Cims G says:

    What? The commentator has compassion for something? Watch out, your saying something might be construed as -dare I say it- Activism!

  6. JMB says:

    He should start biking across campus yelling

    “DPS can lick my sweaty, shaven nutsack!”

  7. G-Dawg says:

    Awww, kinda liked the guy. He didn’t even smell that bad.

  8. Jacob says:

    The classes that overlook 13th & University on the second floor of Friendly do get lots of noise; but any instructor booking them shouldn’t be expecting much in the way of quietness, nor should they expect removing one source of noise will solve it.

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