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Rousseau and Arora Win Presidential Elections

Amelie Rousseau and Maneesh Arora have won the presidential elections. They recieved 2,082 votes while Alex McCafferty and Alden Williams received 1,752 votes. In another outsanding voter turnout the primary elections received 3,972 votes.

Although Reality Check did not win the presidential elections they won every senate seat besides one. Zachary Stark McMillan will be the lone non Reality Check member on ASUO senate.

Sen. Demic Tipitino reacts to election results.

  1. Carina says:

    PS Crampton definately has balls, trust me.

  2. Carina says:

    Hey Common Sense, I know I’m a bitch, and you wish you were as good of a bitch and had big enough balls to put your name.

  3. ASUO insider says:

    Does anyone know if Amileia’s parents had any children that survived? Now I know why Tigers eat their young.

  4. drew says:

    yea it was seven more than the audience at the debates

  5. Julius Neil says:

    is it really just seven people who showed up for the election results?

  6. Evan P. Thomas says:

    Good to see things starting out cordially.

  7. Common Sense says:


    I am a woman, thank you for noticing. And my insults are not pathetic. Carina is a bitch, and you have NO balls. These aren’t just insults…they’re “common sense.”

  8. Crampton says:

    @common sense,

    the only person without balls is this discussion is you, since you are too big of a pussy to actually attach your name along with your pathetic insults.

  9. Common Sense says:

    Andrew Crampton cares WAY toouch about OSPIRG. He needs to grow a pair, since his bitch grabbed them a long time ago, and start talking about something new.

    OSPIRG is dead and gone. Now lets get to work on USSA, OSA and all of the other commie organizations…

  10. Voldemort says:

    Yeah. five senators not elected on RC: Blanchard, Barkley and Griffin, who are to serve second years, and Stark-MacMillan and Garcia, who ran unopposed for academic seats.

  11. Captain Freedom says:

    It means OSPIRG will die…

  12. Crampton says:

    Ospirg is dead in contract form. Their options are either start as a program with $300 funding or sit out a year and hope for a more friendly ACFC the next go-around.

  13. Poor Student says:

    What does this mean for OSPIRG? I mean, I understand it is the senate that matters the most but do you guys see a change coming?

  14. zstarmac says:

    Jeremy Blanchard, Max Barkley, and Tyler Griffin were in two year seats and will also still be on senate next year

  15. Gower says:

    Two seat won are non held by RC members. The law student senate seat #17 was won by Marissa Garcia. She was an independent candidate.

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