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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

“Nobody’s going to be happy with this.”

That’s what someone (I won’t mention who) inside the ASUO office said when the Elections Board was unveiling the results of the elections last night. They couldn’t have been more right. Sen. Demic Tipitno seemed crushed after reading elections results that saw Amelie Rousseau and Maneesh Arora take the Executive spot last night alongside a senate election that saw all but two seats get taken by Reality Check candidates. But the outlook may not be so bleak after all.

For members of the Reality Check campaign, their virtual sweep of the open senate positions was bittersweet. Only the Law and General Science open seats were not taken by Reality Check, yet their presidential candidate–arguably their most qualified and prominent member–lost.

After seeing the elections results, I got the feeling from members of Reality Check that they had lost some great landslide defeat. However, the opposite is almost certainly true. Key issues of the Reality Check campaign–parking on campus, student ticketing etc–can still be worked on. Funding issues, OSPIRG in particular, seems to be another area where Reality Check members need not to worry.

Next year’s senate will have 5 non-Reality Check members: Marissa Garcia, Zachary Stark-MacMillan, Max Barkley, Jeremy Blanchard and Tyler Griffin. However, that leaves an overwhelming majority of Reality Check members to fill senate and finance committee positions by sheer numbers.

The Executive of the ASUO is not the end-all be-all. While I personally feel that McCafferty was the only logical choice for ASUO Executive this year, the fact of the matter remains that qualifications and track record are hardly indicative of who wins votes in the ASUO.

Will next year be a disaster for supporters of Reality Check? No. Will next year be the year the progressives take over campus? Certainly not. What can, then, be guaranteed?

For thirty-something years the ASUO has been an upstanding example of children doing a job that should be left for adults. That–I guarantee you–will remain the same.

Good luck, all.

  1. Confused says:

    Mccafferty’s track record??? He lost $200,000!!!!

  2. Dan Levitan says:

    They can shove anything from Amelie and Maneesh back up their collectivist tailpipes.

  3. No Big Deal says:

    Pfff, that’s still a veto overriding super majority.

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