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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Columb– . . . err . . . Indigenous Solidarity Day

The University of Oregon, unlike many universities in this country, does not get a day off for Columbus Day. In fact, the holiday is not even present on the UO’s academic calendar, much to the dismay of the ASUO’s Multicultural Center and Native American Student Union. But, if the day were present on the academic calendar as “Columbus Day,” I can’t imagine the MCC and NASU would be any more pleased.

Today, in the EMU Amphitheater, NASU and the MCC are hosting an event for “Indigenous Solidarity Day,” complete with traditional drummers, speeches, red armbands, and t-shirts with the words “RED POWER” proudly displayed in bold, bright red text. Today’s protest, led by a Native American UO student and veteran, is considerably less abrasive than years past.

During last year’s protest, the amphitheater was decked out in posters proudly proclaiming that, “Custer got what he deserved,” along with quippy phrases, such as, “Columbus: America’s First Terrorist.” NASU also set up a table with a sign that said, “Native American Travel Agency,” and handed out one-way tickets to non-Native students back to “where they came from.” (The bottom of the ticket said, “Price: Free, just leave.”)

For those not in the know, the University of Oregon is home to the Many Nations Longhouse. Built in the 1960s, its website boasts that it is “the longest standing off-reservation public longhouse in the state of Oregon.” Used by many different tribal organizations, the Longhouse causes the UO to be a beacon for Native American activism and tribal ceremonies all over the state of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

I am pleased to say that this year’s Indigenous Solidarity Day event does not make me feel alienated as a non-Native UO student. I certainly find it easier to be an ally when I am not being ostracized for the color of my skin or the different uniqueness of my heritage.

  1. Dawn Coslow says:

    My post was censored also, Java.

    For the record, OC-ers, I also am a FT student, with 2 part time jobs–
    Yet, I will ALWAYS take the seconds necessary to post in response to mis-characterizations of my political discussion group.


    dc says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    October 11, 2010 at 10:20 pm


  2. Lyzi Diamond says:

    How commenting on the internet works! A handy dandy guide.

    WordPress has specific filters in place to catch certain comments for moderation. Other comments do not need to be screened. I am not always next to my computer approving comments, and I do not always get emails regarding comments held for approval.

    Your comments, Java, are not held for approval. Either you never published the comment, or you never published the comment. I didn’t disallow anything from you.

  3. Lyzi Diamond says:

    @Java I have no comment in queue from you about the Alhambra Decree . . . wanna try posting it again?

  4. Java says:

    “You people…” ???! Is that like an ‘us and them’ thing?

    “But I just don’t think that ‘”white heritage”‘ is a real thing.” ???!

    Had more faith in you that this, Lyzi.

    And where’s my post regarding the Alhambra Decree. You allow Iskren to introduce the topic and then allow no commentary? This is not a good start for the the respected OC.

  5. Lyzi Diamond says:


    You people have nothing better to do than come onto the OC blog and argue with college students?

    If you knew anything about anything, you’d know I was one of the ASUO Senators last year who fought to defend the PF’s right to meet on campus.

    I also attended and participated in the protest of the meeting when you brought David Irving to campus.

    Everyone has the right to celebrate whatever they damn well please. That’s the beauty of this country. But I just don’t think that “white heritage” is a real thing. It simply doesn’t make any sense. And my own personal heritage does not fall into that category.

    Also, I have no desire to engage in a dialogue with you about PF. It honestly isn’t worth my time.

  6. Jay Knott says:

    And BTW, I don’t ‘tout’ any heritage. But Lyzi wrote ‘the different uniqueness of my heritage’ – is she saying it’s OK to ‘tout’ some ‘heritages’ and not others?

  7. Jay Knott says:

    OK, Lyzi, I stand corrected. But ‘garbage’ and ‘bullshit’ are not arguments. What is it you’ve heard ‘from’ PF that you don’t appreciate? It doesn’t have a party line.

  8. Iskren says:

    Around the same time Christopher Columbus was beginning his voyage to the Americas, his employers King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella issued an edict expelling all Jews from Spain. This became known as the Alhambra Decree.

  9. Lyzi Diamond says:

    Hey, Jay Knott, I don’t want your Pacifica Forum garbage here. I understand this is a public forum, but seriously.

    I’m not writing about this fictional “white heritage” that you so tout. I am not trying to claim that Christopher Columbus was a demi-god, or that he discovered America, or that he didn’t bring a lot of pain and anguish to this country. I am simply saying that the color of my skin should not denote my ability to be an ally, and I was frustrated with the way the issue was presented last year.

    The Native American Student Union does a fantastic job bringing issues to light, and they should be applauded for their presentation and rally today.

    And for the record, I’m a Jewish student at this university, and appreciate a grand total of zero percent of the bullshit I’ve heard from the Pacifica Forum. I certainly understand your right to say it, but don’t come into this space making claims about my intentions that are misguided and misdirected.

  10. Jay Knott says:

    ‘Darth Buscemi’ says “Way to subtly imply violence against non-whites, Knott. Keep up the poorly defined, racist fight!”. Er, could you be more explicit? Are you accusing me of subtly implying there IS violence against ‘non-whites’? Or of subtly advocating it? And on what grounds? What ‘racist fight’? State your case, or you should be barred from commentating on this exceptionally responsible, well-moderated site.

  11. Darth Buscemi says:

    Way to subtly imply violence against non-whites, Knott. Keep up the poorly defined, racist fight!

  12. Jay Knott says:

    Lyzi says she felt ‘ostracized for the color of my skin or the different uniqueness of my heritage’ when confronted with an aggressive group of Indian activists. I have heard arguments like hers in Pacifica Forum – and if Lyzi wants to continue to be allowed to defend white heritage, she should support it. However, I don’t agree. I’d be more tolerant of a bit of anger from these Native American holocaust survivors. It’s only when this kind of thing is deliberately used as a political weapon to try to undermine freedom of speech that I get angry about it.

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