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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Oregon: Very Curious, Indeed

In a recent poll by the dating website, Oregon state was found to be the most likely to swing both ways, as indicated by their infographic map below. Unsurprisingly, godless, hippie-havens of Canada and Washington state are also just as eager to expand their horizontal horizons.

The data was collected from 292,900 users who identify as heterosexual. Over a quarter of the respondents said they either had enjoyable same-sex encounters in the past or would like to in the future. Also unsurprising, the women were much more open to switching teams: %44 either had a positive same-sex experience or want to, compared to just %12 of men.

This observational study was conducted by OkCupid’s own dating research entity, OkTrends, who’s revealing blog also explores assumptions about race, religion, and gender habits. Highly recommended: the “Stuff Straight People Like” and the “Religion and Writing Level” posts.

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