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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Blah, Blah, Blah Mad Cow Disease. Media Digest for Oct. 26, 2010

Public Affairs:

  • Hardhat news: The UO officially broke ground on its newest building, which Richard Lariviere seems to say will singlehandedly advance science decades. (Emerald)
  • Shadowy agreements: The Emerald reports that the “matter has been resolved with President Lariviere” over overtime-“gate,” but can’t find specifics. (Emerald)
  • Rules: The state has conjured new rules in its public records law that intend to make it harder for the UO to dart its eyes in a furtive attempt at nonchalance while straining desperately to hold closed the doors to the gymnasium where it keeps the corpses. Or something. I’m no lawyer, so I can’t see how this will help. (UO Matters)
  • ASUO: Some student government types are scratching their chins in the direction of Richard Lariviere’s restructuring proposal. Meanwhile, the ASUO might stop paying for bottled water.(Emerald)
  • Videos: Here is a video about the school’s men’s a cappella choir.
  • Podcasts: Hear Emerald types talk briefly about the news.


  • Letters: In the Guard’s mailbag, a political-sign–maker defends the purchase of political signs because it is good for the political sign industry and a union negotiator comes out of the blue to tell a story.
  • Editorials: The Guard tut-tuts about the state’s property tax system before deciding it’s a good thing, and chides the U.S. Supreme Court for banning cameras.
  • New Emerald scribbler Bruce Poinsette goes over ways he thinks professors could improve their teaching by listening to students. “Even if I don’t understand the subject but I hear ‘Blah, blah, blah Mad Cow Disease,’ then my ears will perk up,” a source says.
  • A Measure 75 supporter defends Measure 75 (Register-Guard).


  • Dr. Dog will be playing in Eugene on Halloween. I say this because not knowing about it, evidently, should make one ashamed. (Voice)


  • Emerald sports-hack Robert Husseman says Oregon Football fans are hungry for revenge and vidication, and a win over the Hated Trojans could give it to them.
  • Oregon Golf (W) is doing well-ish, in ninth place, although that puts the team 22 strokes behind the Hated Razorbacks, who have the lead. (Emerald)
  • Podcasting: Hear Emerald staffers talk briefly about sports. “How are we doing in the soccer department?”
  1. Cara says:

    well, Tomchak, the most recent Dr. Dog album was in fact, called

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