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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Dr. Huff and Mr. Tuinei

I felt like devoting a post to this week’s Jackson Long interview. I don’t know who Long is, even though I’ve met most people who have written for campus publications in the last two years. I can only assume, though, that he has some sort of solid-gold connection/compromising photo of a receivers coach/Jedi mind trick that allows him to commune with Oregon Football players, then put their thoughts in the Emerald every week.

This week, he’s got both of the team’s slot receivers, multi-use bulls-eye Lavasier Tuinei and Swiss Army legs Josh Huff talking to him. These interviews are not quite as entertaining as Cliff Harris’ was a couple of weeks ago, and Long needs some new questions, but there are some gems, starting with this dazzling ruby from Huff:

Before I leave here, this is my plan: I don’t want to be known as the football player who played for the Ducks, I want to be that nice guy everyone knows that helps you with your homework.

(I corrected a seeming typo and punctuation error for clarity) I don’t know whether that epitomizes a dry sense of humor or a sincere civic conscience, but I’m charmed one way or the other; aren’t you? If I was writing a thesis about The Illiad or cramming for an organic chemistry final, you know I’d have Huff on the line.

That’s in stark contrast to Tuinei, who mostly seems to be snapping at Long, and uses really weird jargon, at least to someone who doesn’t really care about football like me: “JuCo”? “‘Ship”? OK, Lavasier. But even he can muster a winning tribute to a teammate:

He will put you first before he puts himself first. I talked to him today, he sent me a text message. It was something like: “I played (against Arizona) like I had a burden on my shoulder because I was playing that game for you. I knew I had to win these last games so you (Lavasier) could be back to play in the future.” That touches me. I feel like he is one of my best friends.

And here’s another thing:

What we do is what we love to do —­ play football. What happens on campus has nothing to do with us. I’m not saying it is fair or not fair that we get the Jaqua or new clothes, we just happen to have more support than other people. We do bring in the money and it is helpful to have things like that. Man, you should just take that up with Phil Knight, you ask Phil Knight that tough question. People need to know we work hard for theses things, we bust ourselves for that stuff.

  1. They don’t mind the jabs, seemingly. It’s just the tender feelings that make them bristle.

    ATS: Oh, Jackson, you’re doing something interesting and I’m going to write an article about how interesting I found the interview you did.

    JL: Fuck you.

    ATS: Stefan, I realize your job is hard when people hide behind anonymity and then bristle when their opinions aren’t included in your pieces. By saying this, I am agreeing wholeheartedly with what you said in your last angry comment.

    SV: I am the only person who knows how to do journalism and you are a bottom-feeder.

  2. Drew says:

    Oh ODE writers and their thin skin, one little jab at them and they always go to the “Real Journalism” card.

  3. Ellie Macallan says:

    Real journalism is not defined by the limitations of your understanding but by its ability to inspire intellectual dialogue and the pursuit of truth.

  4. Jackson Long says:

    Ahh the commentator. Touche. But honestly, if you wanted to write real stuff it is not that hard. Maybe Yoda can teach you the force or at least REAL JOURNALISM.

  5. “player relations”:

  6. Jackson Long says:

    I don’t use Jedi Mind tricks to talk to these guys. I do what normal journalists do and go through the right channels to speak with these guys. Anyone is allowed to do it. Go to the Cas center and talk to player relations.

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