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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

No percent for me. Your Crimbo media digest.

There’s not a lot of news about the UO this Crimbo, which is unsurprising considering that the UO probably isn’t open. From here, I can’t see myself navigating the intro without some tired Crimbo puns, which would be sickening, so I’m just going to plop a picture and a jump down and get out.

Yeah, this happened on Dec. 25 too

Public affairs:

  • Wings: There will be half again as many flights out of Eugene on Jan. 7–9 for some reason. Even stranger, the increase in traffic seems to center around, of all places, obscure hamlet Glendale, Ariz. There’ll also be additional northbound flights to Eugene on Jan 11 and 12 (Register-Guard).


  • Letters: A Guard reader calls for a boycott of Arizona by Ducks fans, probably a little late, while another gives the paper a lesson in Constitutional law.
  • UO Matters figures the UO’s citing FERPA is an attempt to delay the Register-Guard’s story about its basketball players’ alleged transgressions, rather than an attempt to protect its athletes from having their personal information disclosed. The NCAA, evidently, has attempted to get around state records law before. And he says it’s likely to get rejected on appeal. (UO Matters)
  • Editorials: The Guard calls for bigger paychecks, lauds shark-conserving legislation, and writes about a new mistletoe species.
  • Because capitalism is exploitative, you should start farming, the Student Insurgent says. I’m surprised to see from the SI‘s blog that it’s actually doing stuff. Somehow, my puny RSS feed was unequal to the task of getting me this information. There’s a pretty decent article on the SI blog about Charles Martinez, for instance.


  • The Oregonian’s John Canzano spins a bizarre and enchanting little panegyric to Oregon Football urological curiosity Chip Kelly. To wit, Kelly’s not “an odd subspecies of homo sapien … egotistical … controlling … selectively ethical, self important and crass,” but is instead Canzano’s “friend.” He ends with the mildly immortal: Kelly’s first-grade classmates know what I’m talking about.” (Oregonian)
  • The Register-Guard has decided some sort of unbeaten season nonsense is the most important sports-thing to happen this year in Eugene, followed by some guy getting fired. The serious-people news ranks three, six, nine and 10 if anybody wondered.
  • Oregon Football: scampering gong-tempter LaMichael James has a resilience that verges on fanatical masochism, but he says of the amount of credit he deserves for his performances, “No percent for me” (Register-Guard); has a compilation on KVAL; One blogger calls the OF mascot an “alcoholic,” and crack-addict, which maybe he is, who knows? (DawgSports)
  • Fun Guard headline: “NCAA tattoos suspensions on five Buckeyes.”

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