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Nothin’: ASUO Senate Recap, 6 April 2011


Elections for a new Ombudsperson were postponed to next week.

The Men’s Center’s special request was denied. $8,500 originally appropriated for the Survival Center’s Naomi Klein event was returned to surplus. A series of line item transfers to fund the Saudi Student Association’s upcoming International Week was approved.

Sen. janet Brooks announced that a new retail outlet will be moving into the post office and providing post-office services. Details to follow. PFC will be reevaluating the stipend model this term.

CORRECTION: In a previous version of this article, Naomi Klein’s name was misspelled. The Commentator regrets this error, which has since been corrected.

Stats and Opinion after the jump.

Meeting Duration: 57 minutes

Money Allocated from Surplus: (net) -$8,500

Not Present: Lange, Schally, Stark-MacMillan

Resignation Count: 8


I’m really unimpressed by Sen. Laura Hinman’s arguments that the Saudi Student Association is special and should be allowed to move their money around willy-nilly because their event planning changes wildly with every new set of officers. Stick to something, seriously! Their methodology for selecting events isn’t quaint and special the way Hinman seem to think it is, it is a subversion of the PFC process and a waste of everyone’s time.

Other than that; BORING!

  1. Rockne Andrew Roll says:

    @The Answer:

    Well, since the Post Office already closed, and the ASUO has no authority over a department of the United States Government, the easy answer is yes.

    And since the Executive has expressed opposition to a private firm taking up the PO’s mantle, and its going to happen anyway, they seem to be continuing to not win.

  2. The Answer says:

    So wait the exec promised to fight the post office closure :(:(:(

    Did they not win this one?

  3. FTB says:

    It’s Sen. AARON Brooks. Dood.

  4. monalisasmiles says:

    It’s Naomi KLEIN. Dewd.

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