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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

STFU: Really?

UO and the Healthy Campus Initiative have started hanging these lovely fliers around campus. It’s supposed to stand for Smoking & Tobacco Free University… really, y’all? Either no one from the HCI has ever been on the internet, or this is some misguided attempt at…. no, still don’t get it. According Senior Vice President and Provost Jim Bean,”This is a great statement about our commitment to a healthy campus.” Yeahhhh….

  1. Lyzi says:

    This is clearly a direct attack on COCS. Someone bring that group back to life! COALITION OF ON CAMPUS SMOKERS FOREVER!!!!

  2. Laz Toth says:

    As an ex-smoker, I can let you know that the STFU angle isn’t going to work, if the attempt is to shame smokers into quitting. What you want to do is support their efforts, not tell them to STFU. Very poorly planned – had someone told me to STFU when I was trying to quit, I would never have quit.

  3. Thunderlove says:

    So there will be a campus police force with tazers enforcing no smoking on campus?

  4. Nekblad says:

    Yeah I received an email about it the initiative becoming official in 2012. There was a whole lot of bullshit about making the campus healthier for everybody blah blah blah… and at the bottom of this pile of bullshit, it said:

    “More information is available at:”

    Get fucked and STFU, STFU.

    But seriously. Can they really do this? Is this really happening? This is just their “policy” right? Or will they actually be fining people for smoking?

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