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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Stipends, Stipends, Stipends

You asked for it, so here it is. The new stipend increases for the 2012-2013 year. Bust open your wallets friends and family.

The president and vice president will now be making $600 a month. Chief of staff will be making $350 a month. Your everyday run of the mill senator will be making $150.

When dealing with programs, things get a little bit more complicated. Programs will be split into four classes. Class 1 gets a lump sum of $725 while Class 1 will receive $275 a month. It is up to the group to divide up the money amongst members.

Programs like the Multicultural Center and Women’s Center are exempt from this cap.

So after all these numbers, the moral of the story is that incidental fees will be increasing next year by $93,852. About $4.47 per person. Not terrible.

  1. LFD says:

    Also, you’re on PFC. Start making motions to cut food out of all non-cultural events. It’d be awesome.

  2. LFD says:

    Aw, KDP! Hyperbole and assumption is what the internet is for!

  3. Katherine DuPont says:

    LFD: I completely agree with not funding food. Everyone has to eat so there is no excuse for people not being able to pay for it.

    But your statement about none of the assholes in student government actually paying for their own fees is complete bullshit. I am an out of state student, paying ENTIRELY for my education. I’m on no scholarships and literally just took out a $22k loan to pay for my education. There are several members on senate and within the ASUO doing the exact same. Don’t make assumptions because you really do look like an ass.

  4. LFD says:

    Oh yeah, incidental fees are going to go way way up after budget season, because none of the assholes in student government actually pay their own fees, so they’re fine raising them on the rest of y’all. Not to mention all the money you’re spending on fucking Multicultural Center retreats and the countless events that you cannot take any part in.

    And, in my not-so-humble opinion, $4.47 per person is a huge increase. Any increase is a huge increase, cos your fee is already so freakin’ high.

    My proposal to cut spending: stop spending incidental fees on food. See the interview issue from last year, I wrote a big editorial about it.

  5. Emily Schiola says:

    Thanks for the corrections! Please try to keep me up on my shit

  6. Katherine DuPont says:

    Senate didn’t change. They’re still at $150 as they have always been. It is the executive staff that got the increase. Also you put two Class 1s instead of Class 1 and Class 4, respectively. The increase is subject to change for how much students will be paying depending on benchmarks and how much each committee is looking to grow/or decrease.

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