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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Need a reason to skip class tomorrow?

The Education Alliance of UO, as previously reported, is holding a walk out tomorrow in solidarity with a supposed national walk out planned at universities around the country, however a half-hearted Google search found no evidence of other walk outs or educational alliances, except this one.

Education Alliance organizer Giffin Gates made it clear that this walk out was “not about Lariviere,” but to, what else, raise awareness about the University’s lack of transparency around tuition raises and athletic subsidies. Doesn’t anyone read UO Matters anymore?

The walk out will take place at 12:15 tomorrow in the EMU Amphitheater, speakers include ASUO Senator Jeremy Hedlund (oh hey there), Vice President of CSU James Jacobson, LCC Poli Sci Professor Stan Taylor, a student from OMAS (Office of Multicultural Academic Success), former ASUO VP Maneesh Arora, UO sociology Professor Chuck Hunt (beard!) and some grad student known only as “Jamil.”

The 30 member advocacy group is only three weeks old, but have already held a “teach-in” with UO sociology Professor Michael Dreiling to discuss the Occupy movement and it’s intentions for universities as a whole.

Students love walking and hate class, so it will probably draw a crowd, but will this result in any real policy change for UO? Nah. But when we can gather together in a public place and chant, that’s almost as good, right?

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