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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Kidnapping on Villard this morning

We just received this news update from EPD:

Case # 13-1268

At about 2:30 this morning, two men left their apartment on Villard Street to pick up a friend. When they got into their car, a frightening surprise awaited them. Jeramey Ortega, 27 of Halsey, OR was in the backseat, and told both men that he would shoot them if they did not comply with his demands.

Following Ortega’s orders, the two men drive him to various locations, wherein each man had seized opportunities to flee the car at a convenience store and a Coburg Road shopping center, respectively. The first victim to flee was giving police a description of the kidnapper right around the time the remaining victim caught this aggressor slippin’ and punched him “at least 20 times before ordering him out of the car,” as the report states. Ortega then ran South where he was reported to be sleeping in a car on Centennial Loop about four hours later. The police arrested him without incident after noticing he matched the suspect description. Ortega was wanted for warrants in two other jurisdictions and  a Parole Violation.

Watch yourselves and be safe out there people! These victims were lucky to be unharmed.

  1. Orwellduk says:

    Interesting question….I cannot recall……..if you guys do not cover the security escalation on campus in wonkish detail we are all going to a barbed wire surrounded FEMA camp soon…..I guess you guys might get a bigger office there so it might not be too bad

  2. Nick Ekblad says:

    Orwellduk: I was clearly talking to Derp. What the fuck are you on? Can I have some?

  3. Orwellduk says:

    No…I (Orwellduk) am saying Kilkenny is a crook who made the front page of the O (for his part in a funny housing deal) and that Villard is now being turned into a slum by certain Duck sports facilities and overpriced sport themed development…like Skybox and Courtside. Oh well. Nevermind.

  4. Nick Ekblad says:

    Derp: Are you saying that Orwellduk posted this? In fact this is my post and I always comment using my real name.

  5. Orwellduk says:

    Who is that ? Some Ospigglet ? Orwellduk pre-dated Nike Urbanizedduk anyway…I think…who gives a fk….your just pissed because Kilkenny got caught (made the front page of the O) being sleazy with UO housing deals.

  6. Derp says:

    Taking one story and twisting it around to fit his own predetermined storyline and using the comments to rant, ALL IN A SINGLE BOUND.

  7. Derp says:

    Hey look it’s Nike Urbanized Duk’s latest form.

  8. Orwellduk says:

    I always said UO sports fascist developers would make the Moss Villard Columbia neighborhood into a crime filled Duck-slum….thanks Kilkenny……Overlord of the Skybox Courtside sharkitecture.

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