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Shifting EMU Space [UPDATED]

The EMU Board today decided on some EMU space moving and renovations (NOT related to SAFAC or the new EMU*). They are:

1. The Service Learning Program is moving into Suite 20, which currently houses the Oregon Voice, the College Republicans, the Hawaii Club, UO Ballroom Dance, Pit Crew and Alpha Phi Omega. This moves the SLP next to the Holden Leadership Center, of which it is now a subsidiary.
2. The new Sustainability Center, where the Student Sustainability Coordinator and the 15 environmental student groups will be housed, will move into SLP’s space under the breezeway across from the Union Market.
3. The Break (on the other side of the Holden Leadership Center) will now be a hybrid space, housing the groups from Suite 20 as well as the amenities the Break has currently (pool tables, table tennis, more). The office space would not include full walls, but the walls would be about 9ft with locking doors and individual spaces for each program.

I’ll have more once I interview Kaitlyn Lange, EMU Board Chair, once this meeting is over.

*Speaking of the new EMU, there’s a new survey out regarding student space. If you are a UO student, you got it in your email. It closes November 8. PLEASE fill it out to make sure that the new EMU has what you want in it, or what you wish this EMU could have now.

This is the approved floor plan for the Break:
Approved Break Plan

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